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The pleasure of ownership

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I spent the whole of the past week in Russia, it was cold, snowed most days (and it's only October, I'm very grateful my parents had the good sense to be British. Perhaps it's a shame they didn't have the even better sense to be from one of the Mediterranean countries, but I'll go with what I have!), dealing with the Russian psyche in business is not straightforward (don't get me wrong, they're nice people, like people everywhere in fact, but there is a definite "everything is a problem" mentality and in some ways they are their own worst enemy, but I digress), the trip back was, frankly, a nightmare, 5 hours layover in Moscow which became 6, overnight in Amsterdam because of that and the inevitable missed London flight, "technical problems" with the port engine yesterday morning resulting in flight cancellation, rebooking and ultimately my not reaching Heathrow until 6:00 pm last evening, some 8 hours later than planned (and yes, I will be claiming compensation) and a total of 37 hours in transit,, but it was all as nought when I climbed into my S Type for the 65 mile trip home along the M25. I had, sad to say, been looking forward to this during my travels, and I was not disappointed, the M25 was a bit stop start but I didn't care, I relaxed in my own space, enjoyed the power on tap from the 8 cylinders when needed, in fact sometimes for the pure joie de vivre of being able to point and squirt, being able to overtake lesser vehicles on the outside round the motorway exit curves, and was perhaps a little sorry to reach home and have to switch off! The grin however was fully back in place.

My goodness it's ridiculous how much I love this car! I have never had a car like it. Unlike in another current thread, it doesn't have a name, or even a gender, it just is, but it is magnificent.

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