Bloodhound SSC – running a Jaguar F-Type R Engine!

Monday 30 October 2017

Last week, the Jaguar F-TYPE R ensured the Bloodhound SSC World Land Speed Record programme passed a significant high-speed testing milestone. Bloodhound was trialled on the runway of Cornwall Airport in Newquay and reached a speed of 210mph in the first shakedown and public viewing of the car in action.

Video clip of Bloodhound Trials

The technical partnership exists between Jaguar and The Bloodhound Project, with the ultimate aim of raising the world land speed record above 1,000mph and to assist in inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers, which is the overall objective of the project. The current record stands at 763.035mph and was set by Andy Green in Thrust SSC in 1997. Andy will drive the Bloodhound Supersonic car.


Bloodhound 3

Jaguar F-Type R V8 Engine – Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

The auxiliary power unit for BLOODHOUND SSC drives the rocket oxidiser pump, which will supply 800 litres of high test peroxide (HTP) to the rocket in just 20 seconds: this is equivalent to 40 litres (over 9 gallons) every second.

The auxiliary power unit is a 550bhp Jaguar Supercharged V8 engine, lubricated by Castrol EDGE. The rocket will be a single monopropellant unit for the initial high speed runs (up to 800mph) and then a cluster of hybrid design rockets for the 1,000mph runs, both developed by Norwegian specialist Nammo


Keeping the APU cool

The Jaguar engine has to sit next to the HTP tank, but it’s vital that the heat from the engine doesn’t transfer to the HTP itself to prevent it exploding. The engine’s exhaust is therefore covered with a ceramic coating which can reduce its surface temperature by at least 30 percent.




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