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  2. You can get the Goodyear tyres from F1Autocentres. They are cheaper to buy on their website and then have them fitted at one of their centres (it's all included in the price).
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  4. Hi Kevin, When my s type gets quite dirty [not often] I cheat a little bit and have it hand washed for a fiver round the corner. I then spend a couple of hours giving it a good wax and shine. Regards, Peter.
  5. Welcome to the Club, Stephan. Your X Type sounds like a very good car. I had a similar version on an 05 plate, with the only difference being that it was a manual gearbox. The All Wheel Drive makes it an exceptional road holder, although the term "nippy" does not go well with a Jaguar, it was described as so in a review. Just enjoy your Jaguar and the club. Regards, Peter.
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  7. hi I use genuine parts for most things, as they are better quality, but you could cut the middle man out by ordering quality after market parts, most of the suspension parts are made by Lenforder, so can be ordered on ebay stick with known makes like denso, ngk, bosch, these are also used by jaguar I get most parts from SNG Barratt, British car parts, Rimmer Bros, all these offer genuine parts and also aftermarket parts also buy car parts is very good for certain items cheers Joe
  8. hi wont be injectors, would be black smoke, and fuel would end up in the engine oil, would pass piston rings when engine off like I said, water would give white smoke and oil would give blue smoke if its smoking bad would expect you notice useage quite soon thanks Joe
  9. just seen your post, while researching a usb connectivity issue. I've had that happen a couple of times while driving along, touched the light and thought nothing more of it, but I have been having headlight issues. When I first bought the car 2011 XF-S (60), it had had a HD Led conversion which when I took it for an MOT had to be changed because the law changed last April. So I had the conversion ripped out and put 'night breakers' in but then every few months one of the bulbs would blow and thinking about it now when I changed the bulb I had the random interior light experience!! (Now running on the standard bulbs for around a month with no issues, think it might be a voltage/ampage thing). No idea if this makes any sense to anyone, but just thought i'd add my story.
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  11. Hi. If it's of any help we recommend these. Regards, Dan.
  12. hi all, cant seam to work out how to renew my licence for the live traffic delays? any ideas
  13. Hello, Extended family requirements force me to sell the best car I've ever driven - XFS V6 Supercharged (380PS). It includes almost every possible feature you could buy in 2016 - head-up display, active cruise control, extended infotainment system, soft door close, 360 degrees cameras, adaptive LED headlamps, heated seats / steering wheel etc. etc. - I've attached the full list and all the details as advertised when I bought it. Current odometer reading: ~23000 miles Expected price: £28500 - ONO Location: West London (Northfields), UK Car bought in March 2018 from the main dealer in London as "approved used", I'm the second owner. Fully serviced in March earlier this year at the same dealership, MOT till March 2020. Engine, transmission, all features - no issues. Car can be viewed on Monday or Tuesday next week (27th-28th of May) in London and I'm trading it in on Wednesday. I'm happy to answer any questions either via email or on my mobile - please drop me an email and I send you my mobile number: yellow.hamster82DELETE-THIS(at) (remove DELETE-THIS from the address)
  14. I had disassembled the 58's front suspension and was sandblasting it when I lost access to the sandblaster. Pity, as I was using it for free. I had also prepared the 58 engine bay and had it down to bare metal, which has since rusted. I can wire brush a portion of it to show you. I stopped because I started pulling apart the interior on the 58 and discovered rust in the front floorboards, so...I picked up the 57 after the 58 and was going to use that one as the builder, as it had nice paint. I planned to swap over the trans tunnel, disc brakes (which is why I bought the Mk2 hubs, as I read that those are the key to having steel wheels and disc brakes. Then I was told by a friend that the 58 would be the better one to build and to cut the pieces I need from the 57, since I had just had the engine rebuilt for the 58 and would match the body number. That was almost 2 years ago and that is when the project stalled.
  15. We have some Club T Shirts we are selling at up to 65% off RRP Grab a bargain while you can before they are all gone! T SHIRT SIZE: S / M / L / XL COLOUR: BLACK PRICE: £9.99 (usually £19.99) - FREE DELIVERY
  16. videos of the car here: eBay here: I've had the pleasure of owning this amazing (rare colour) XJS for last 18 months and I'm reluctantly selling her due to a house move... I purchased her from Justin Banks (Tonbridge, Kent) in late 2017 and the previous owner spent over £20K in a 'bolt / back to metal bodywork' upwards restoration (inc new roof) for the car. It then stood for a couple of years when I found her... in the original 'Silver Birch' metallic paint (actually looks light gold) with 'Doe Skin' coloured interior and around 48K original miles on the clock. I've spent another £5k getting all the rubber (bushes, hoses, belts) replaced at 'Kent jag Centre' as well as, new heater matrix and all the important things to make it reliable daily driver. I've serviced her twice a year there too. Kent Jag Centre also upgraded the exhaust to a 'simply performance' wider-bore stainless steel system (improving performance significantly (easier rev, better acceleration, better sound!!!). MOT just passed with no warnings etc. so another 12 months trouble free driving! The wheels have had their rims polished by 'old timer wheels' in Germany and I replaced (but have kept) the original stereo with a new pioneer Bluetooth head unit with 4 speakers + small sub to improve volume and quality of audio when driving with the roof down at speed. I also swapped out the leather steering wheel for a 'moto-lita' wood and chrome one. There are a couple of small blemishes on an otherwise perfect car... - Driver's door a few paint chips and the hinge needs adjusting as the door is opening too wide - Passenger window regulator is catching, meaning the window only goes down 50% - Driver's seat lumber has just started to come un-stitched along piping I have a file stuffed with nearly 100 pages of receipts, tax discs, history and Certificate from Jaguar Heritage showing the car has matching number engine, gear box, chassis etc I've owned a few Jaguars and none create the interest and admiring looks and comments that this one does. It's ACE!
  17. Hi Jon, I've just had all four wheels aligned and that seems to have fixed the problem. Although I need to buy two new rear tyres as they were so misaligned they had excessive tread wear!
  18. hi if you car has H7 bulbs they should be plug and play, but you usually cant fit the rear cover because there much longer, or you have to cut holes in them, also without the cover they will also steam up on damp days also they may also fail mot, depending on your mot guy, officially they should and so would fitting hid bulbs in the past found fitting ring xenon 150 plus bulbs work well with halogen headlight cars, brighter and mot friendly cheers Joe
  19. on mine is makes a noice in the mornings when its cold. like brake pedal fart. so assuming its from the servo or both
  20. hi there recently bought my first jag 64 plate xf 3.0 diesel sport portfolio got to say I love it.small problem my high level brake light is full insects has anybody removed one any tips thanks dave
  21. Well done, do you actually notice it do anything now it's fixed? The window on my x150 xkr takes forever to clear!
  22. Welcome to the club, Howard. I have fond memories of my last Jag 2.5 V6 AWD X-Type. Had it six years and except for regular service items, the only additional cost was an ABS wheel sensor.
  23. Welcome to the club, Andy.
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    Only when the ignition is on, I use mine for my dashcam, a couple of minutes after I turn the engine off the dashcam will go off. Dom
  25. I'm here in my workshop with a jaguar s-type 3.0 v6 year 2000, I'm from Brazil and here I do not find any information of this brand, only in dealerships. My problem here is that it does not accelerate, all the injection modules and commands have been changed because they were broken, it works perfectly only that it does not accelerate, I examined everything again I left a few days the battery turned off to reset more then it worked and accelerated a couple of days, then it did not speed up any more. it is in the slow state, it is defective in the butterfly position sensor, but we do not find here in Brazil an electrical schematic with measurements and parameters for the test of sensors and actuators. Detail that with the key on the butterfly body accelerates normal and when starting does not accelerate. Has anyone picked up this defect or has an electrical schematic to help me? Thanks in advance.
  26. Hello I wanted to thank you for an interesting day at the RAF museum cosford, I spotted a jaguar with the wheels I have been looking for, for a long time. They are spoked deep dish alloys. There was an award in the car between the front seats on the arm rest. If anyone could tell me where the wheels came from I would be very grateful.
  27. You could try some of the better known auction house as they tend to run specialist classic car auctions periodically. At least you would get a good price albeit less the fees
  28. It sounds more like a situation of debris or uneven surface on the runners which would automatically bounce down the windows as though there is an obstruction. I have got round this in the past by spraying Silicon spray into the guide runners which the glass runs up and down and this has cured it.
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