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    Jaguar recall

    Ok Admin, I will do
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  4. I’ve also read on another thread that the bonnet has to be closed, is there a sensor on the bonnet then as well?
  5. Hi old peter thank you for your comments. I might give it a go. Rims for the Xj are quite pricy. So may have to wait a few weeks. Someone did mention to me that I should check the lower bushes. Have you heard of that and are they something I could check
  7. Thank you very much for your reply. I think I had that sensor changed, but that doesn't mean it's not faulty. I'll look into it.🤔
  8. Hi, The offside lower wheel arch bracket has corroded to nothing on my 2003 S - Type. This effectively leaves the bottom part of the wing / skirt free to vibrate with potential to crack the laquer finish. What I wonder were jag thinking about when they had the bright idea to provide a metal bracket to fix two plastic components together.............. Does any member know where i would be able to purchase both the n/ side and o / side brackets please? very many thanks Dominic
  9. I have just rang and apparently they have not received the email!!! So I have sent it again and asked for a return email saying they have received it. I will let you know what the outcome is.
  10. How did you get on with it....did they replace the whole pedal box assembly?
  11. Hi did you get on with this issue? What was the conclusion?
  12. Welcome to the Club, Paul.
  13. How did you get on with having one fitted?
  14. Damned unfortunate! How did you get on with rectifying the damage?
  15. Hi Barry....welcome to the Club I would scrutinise the service history and see that everything has been maintained at the correct time/mileage intervals. Otherwise, not sure of any issues that would lead to premature failure of components if it has been maintained and also driven correctly over its life so far. Let us know how you get on with acquiring it and ensure that you get a good warranty with it if purchasing from a dealer. Cheers, Trevor
  16. Hi Ashley....welcome to the Forum It's a tough one....although the water pump is not part of the cambelt setup (which is when you would definitely replace it regardless of whether it is leaking or not) it is in the general area of the cambelt and by the time you have the front of the engine stripped back then it would be prudent to replace it at the same time. I would negotiate a discounted price to replace the water pump whilst they are in the same area, which should save quite a bit on the labour. A philosophy to bear in mind is that the water pump bearing has done the same amount of work that the tensioner and guide pulley bearings have done over the 100k miles.....why wouldn't you replace it? Let us know how you get on with it
  17. I thought there was 200% import duties when purchasing a new Jaguar in China?
  18. Hi Peter Your membership is due on 2nd October should receive a reminder invoice before the due date which you can pay directly but if you are on a PayPal recurring subscription then please do not pay the invoice as payment will be taken automatically as membership renews. Regards, Trevor
  19. Hi Peter, I have a Leaper on my S type which is well commented on, as the Leaper does suit the S Type which it was made for. It does not suit the the XJ or the XK. Regards, Peter.
  20. Welcome to the club, Steven. Try the David Manners Group or Rimmer Bros. I have used both and they are both reliable. Regards, Peter,
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  22. Hi Jon and Graham I have done some more searching and it appears that it is most likely a broken wire in the loom. Not sure what that involves to get it fixed. I will make some more checks. Thank you for responding. Kind regards Ryszard.
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  24. hi trick is to keep something like copper kote or copper grease on the threads and it will come out easy in the future
  25. What colour as I'm after a n/s/f wing paint code HGZ
  26. Hey, I'm looking for a 2005 s type n/s/f wing in racing green (HGZ) If anybody can help
  27. Hi there my fob stopped working some time back. I ordered two new ones which cost me £500 with a jag dealer and when I took it in to re programme the new fobs they wouldn’t work. The engineer told me he thinks the receiver module is the issue and that part inc labour will set me back a further £350. At the moment I’m using the old fob via the satellite detector under the fog lights whilst I try to get clued up on the issue. Does anyone know if I can I Order this part myself to keep costs down or do I just go with the dealer? Thanks
  28. Hi please can somebody help, I would like to have the phone fitted to my new s type had it in my old one. Could somebody point me in the direction of buying all the parts required
  29. Hi Nick, When I first got my s type I had an amber light come up and I took the car to a local main dealer. He told me it was the EGR valves, and they cleared the problem by giving the engine a good blast. Ten minutes £69. Peter.
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