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Hi all, 

I'm new to the forum and new to Jaguar.


My fella & I finally said goodbye to our 12-year-old Frontera (yep, if we get a bad winter, it's our fault, but in our defence, it was costing more to keep on the road than it was worth) and 5 days ago took ownership of our first Jag.


We fell in love with the brand when we first spotted a billboard with the "Cat got your tongue?" campaign on it, but didn't think we'd ever be able to afford one. When the current "It's good to be bad" campaign started, that was it; we had to have one.


It took a few months to find what we wanted (an XF or new shape XJ) at a price we could manage, then a week ago, it appeared; A 6-year old 3.0L V6 XF Luxury with under 50k miles on the clock and full history. The asking price was a bit more than we could afford, and had already been reduced, but we managed to get the price down, and it now sits proudly on our drive. (Or in the case of this photo, outside the local pub - the inset our moggy trying to imitate the front badge.)



We love it - it's definitely good to be bad!

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Welcome to the club . The Jags are fab aren't they ? had a  Xj Supersport for eight months, then I decided b****s to the expense and got an XKR, it is fabulous.


Used to own two Aston Martins, and both the jags will knock spots off them. 


You now know the reason why Jags have the best customer satisfaction.




Trevor x

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Welcome to the club, Amanda.


The Jaguar experience is quite unique.


After 30 years of company cars and a beautiful Rover Sterling, which I had for 12 years [like your Frontera]  we bought our first Jaguar.  The salesman sad you will never drive another brand of car.  He was so right!


Our S type is a great car to drive, and only a year younger than your XF  ---  Indigo Blue is a great colour!


And I wouldn't worry too much about the Yorkshire winters, either.  I worked in Sheffield for 12 years and only got snowed in once.  


You will enjoy your car,





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I used to live above Holmfirth, trust me when I say Sheffield winters are nothing. I used to have to dig both myself & my grandad out on a regular basis. Probably shouldn't be talking about winter when summer has barely started, but I'm hoping it does snow, and heavily, so we can have the day off just like everyone else :)


I have to say, I thought it looked black in the photo, but you're right, it's indigo.

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post-4237-0-94956800-1404114483_thumb.jpHi Amanda,


I used to have to go to a lot of places and I agree that Sheffield is not the same as the drive over to Glossop or Stocksbridge from where we lived in Derbyshire   --  driving over the moors meant I usually carried a spade, a blanket and a large piece of carpet in the boot.


I was quite mystified when I came to work in the Midlands as to why some people used to put chains on their Range Rovers when there was a mere 3 inches of snow on the ground.


The Rear wheel drive on the XF is well managed by the DSC, and the weight of the car itself does mean that it handles well in bad weather.


Prior to my S Type which had less than 50k on the clock when we bought it I had an all wheel drive X Type [which was carjacked] and I find that driven properly the S type hold the road very well, and will its successor, which you have got.post-4237-0-39167900-1404114673_thumb.jp 





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