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New wheels. Will they fit??

Idol hands

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Gents please could you help me before I buy some nice new wheels I want to cofirm they will fit.

They are listed as Jaguar libra R17's. The info says they will fit XF,S type and X type.

The info is

size - 17x7.5 5-108 et49

part number - 8X23 1007 AB

The tyre size the seller says to fit is 225/45/R17.

Hopefully they are going to fit as they look divine!



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I completely forgot about the bolt pattern, but yes, it's 5x108 on both cars. The only meaningful difference should be the ET (offset), but since the X-Type wheels have an ET of 52.5mm and the XF wheels apparently 49mm, 3.5mm difference shouldn't affect anything.


Also X-Type 18" wheels are 7.5" wide, so all in all the Libras should work.

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The stud pattern should be a match anyway, that's the one most easily verified (since both are known to be 5x108, and the bore should be the same as well), offset is the most common issues when mixing wheels.

If the offset mismatches by too great a margin, the wheel will be either too far outwards or too far inwards, and in front wheels that means it will touch some part of the fender or the wheel well when steering or suspension action is happening. Finding that out probably requires a test drive anyway.

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