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Off to Italia!

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The six of us are off to Italy tomorrow. Little town called Sala Comacina, right on the shores of Lake Como for ten days. Can't wait. It should be a littler bit more civilised and tourist friendly than Montenegro where we went in May.

We've organised everything ourselves, and the accommodation is a privately owned three bed apartment.
Leaving soon to drive to Manchester, where we have a night booked at a Travelodge. That way, tomorrow isn't such an early start, seeing as we have to be at the airport for 10:30.
We are planning a day in Milan, and another over the border into Switzerland at Lake Lugano which is only about half an hour away. The rest of the days we'll just see what we fancy.
I'll post a few pics when we get back.


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Had a fab day out in London village thank you, cleaner than I can remember and cheaper, although after living in Guildford anywhere is cheaper .


And the XKR ran like a dream. Going again next Friday to see some music, just hope I can get my ears syringed by then !


This was my daughter receiving her doctorate .








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Got here last night. A delay in collecting our Ford Galaxy hire car, and a missed turning which meant we entered Switzerland for 10 yards then left, meant we didn't arrive until about 9am. We got the show round the apartment, then headed down to the village for something to eat. Lovely food, but at €4 for a can of coke (we found out when we got the bill) it was slightly more than we expected to pay.

The apartment has fantastic views of the lake, and a nice pool in which the kids have spent a bit of time this morning. The weather has basically been constantly rainy since we got here, but the forecast for tomorrow is better.

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