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Oil Check.

Old Peter

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It is not often I pose a question.  I check my Oil every week, as well as my tyres and tyre pressure.


I did the normal check this morning when the Oil was cold, and found that this dipstick registered slightly more Oil than when I last checked a week ago.


The engine is a 2.7 litre Diesel, and I do not put additives in the oil. My mechanic is checking with a main dealer for whom he used to work.


I am asking if any other members have experienced this issue?





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peter, some times you can get a false reading!!! ive had to loosen Oil cap and dip it 2-3times. but like you i check it all over weekly tyres,oil,coolant,washers, and used to give the battery a wee charge every 2-3weeks but put a new one bosch s5 garunteed for 5years in april this year .but thers no harm in getting it checked out. ps how was the rugby did your team win. charlie

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Hi Charlie,


We had a bad day. Castleford dominated the midfield and were very quick in the tackle and their defence was good.  Our half back were well marked, so I will not be in the stands at Wembley this year.


My mechanic is checking with a friend of his who works at a main dealer and will ring back tomorrow.


I check everything every week too!



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hi peter sorry to hear about your team. as long as you enjoyed a day out, i am not into rugby or football golf or any thing else although i enjoy growing things in the garden and used to grow tomatoes for the wife but its the first year that i havnt grown them. thats my new ultra bright fog light bulbs & ultra bright cornering bulbs arrived just as im typing. just waiting on side light led to come wed or thur. let you know how i get on with them.  but i did like the football when i was young celtic supporter. charlie

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