What to look out for when buying a used Jaguar XF

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As above really! I'm on the lookout for a used XF (petrol), so wondered what I should be looking out for, what are the common faults, pitfalls to avoid, questions to ask the owner, etc...


Thanks in advance.



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hi james

electrics can suffer warning lights staying on

sat-nav causing problems

fuel cap can refuse to open

air con also can let you down

sorry but its still a great car

hope this helps


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Warning lights staying on are usually a battery fault, or can be cured by disconnecting the battery for ten minutes.


Must admit I haven't had any problems with the fuel cap refusing to open, or the air conditioning .


The sat nav I always found fine. but a few others don't seem to like it.


The only downside I found was the computer system, which needs to be improved, but the XF is a really good car.


The one thing I would recommend is to find yourself a really good independent garage for servicing .





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Hi James, and welcome to the club.


When buying any used car in general, always try to get one  towards the end of its production run when some faults have been ironed out.


I have always bought from a main dealer,where possible, as they keep the best cars to sell themselves and send the rest to auction.


A main dealer will give you a warranty [as will some other large dealers] and there will also be as service history.


Jaguars are quality cars but like anything mechanical or electrical things can go wrong. Trevor has pointed out most of the issues.


The XF is a very good car, and I do know of drivers who have found it a better car than the BMW.





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Bought my XF first year it came out in Canada (2009).


Have to admit there were a few glitches that same year.

  • Driver seat window problem: Goes up and then retracts an inch (to let the rain in ;).. fixed at no cost
  • Front and rear window lamination problem. (replaced at no cost)
  • Integrity of dashboard: brushed metal corners popping out. (fixed at no cost)
  • Wood trim crack (replaced.. no cost)
  • Sunroof fixture came loose (fixed for free) ... got drenched in a pressure car wash once.  :blink:
  • Differential jammed (replaced at no cost) at 30,000 km (recognized defect). Gotta admit that was a scary incident.
  • AM Radio tuner busted.. (fixed free)
  • Fuel Cap refused to open (replaced free)
  • Front light jet spray lost its cover (ice buildup)
  • Random ceiling touch lights turning on and off. Usually in summer. (Module replaced no cost)
  • .... some kid kept stealing my Jaguar logo plastic mag caps  :(

Last three years have been trouble free. Beyond the initial glitches this is an awesome car and drive !!


Would never trade it for a creaking plastic noisy BMW (at least those made in Canada) in a million years.


I give it a 4 teddy rating out of 5!


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Welcome to the Club, Pierre.


Nice to have a member from Canada.


The XF is a nice car and it is great to see the Jaguar Marque across the water.





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Just Brought My First Jaguar.

Trevors pointers were ace! Air con needed refresh of refrigerant. Other than that its a wonderful car.



XF 3.0 V6 (D) Portfolio S

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Welcome to the club, Colin.

The first question I will ask is the mileage and the service record.

Your car is 10 years old and should have had a cambelt change  at either 10 years or 105k miles.

You should also check the age of the battery, as  Jaguars have a lot of electrical equipment and batteries usually last about 5 years.

The engine in your XF is the same one as I have in my s type, and it is a very good engine, well engineered, and designed as a joint venture between Ford and Peugeot plus some other input from other automotive companies.  One of the issues with diesel engines is that the fuel system is quite a complicated one, with Exhaust Gas Recirculation valves,  [EGR] which sometimes stick,  and a Diesel Particulate Filter [DPF] which sometime gets full.  Having said that, neither of those parts can cause a problem if you treat the engine and the fuel system correctly.

You should always use Premium Fuel.  I use Shell V Power  --  a good fuel and a Shell Petrol station 500 yards away!  I also occasionally use an additive to keep theEGR vales and the DPF clean [Millers Diesel Eco Plus].  If you do a lot of short runs, you should also do a longer run once a month or so which will regenerate the DPF  --  just about 20 minutes keeping the revs about the level for 45 mph.  If your car can be locked in a gear -- 3rd or 4th that will help.  The engine will get hot and the particulates in the filter will be burnt off, and the DPF will be good as new.

On a good note, I doo a lot of shorter runs but have never had a problem with the DPF filter and I have had my car for 5 years.

This is a long post, but the best advice is to enjoy your car, after all,  it is a Jaguar!



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