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Help needed quick! Will 20inch rims fit?


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Hi All


Got a bit of a dilemma here!! :o


Ordered and paid for 20inch rims (20x8.5) for my 03 X type only to receive a call this morning to say they wont fit! (Even though I have seen them fitted to other x types and the web site I ordered from also said they would! (If not, how come I can order them! :blink:) )


Can anyone offer some advice here please?


1) DO 20inch rims fit with no modification to bodywork?

2) Do I need 8.5 for front and 9.5 for rears? Or 8.5 all round?

3) Tyre sizes? (235/30x20) ?

4) Spacers??


Any advice would be appreciated asap as without it I will now have the performance of trying to get money back or look for a set of 19`s instead :(


Thank you all!!

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Hi Darren,


I had an x type and the options for wheels  were 16', 17" and 18".  I also heard that 19" could be fitted also.


However I heard from an expert that the most comfortable ride was from the 16" wheels.


I had 17" wheels and they gave a very comfortable ride.





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As the topic is not about performance or efficiency I see point is how they look and 20' looks very good.


Would they fit?

I think so yes. They sell them online for Jaguar X-Type but that may depends on offset and bore.


Mine are standard 245/45R17 all around so to compare to those:




X-Type default wheels parameters from: http://www.alloywheels.com/jaguar-x-type-alloy-wheels

PCD: 5x108

Wheel offset: 35 to 50mm

Wheel Hub Center Bore: 63.4mm

Wheel fittings: N 1/2inches


Theoreticaly they shoud fit as long as wheels has ET50 to ET35 and correct PCD fitments.





Some theory: http://www.alloyguide.com/pcd.php


Let us know if anybody have 20inch wheels on their X-Type and how it LOOKS ? :)

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