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reversing sensor (sort of ) malfunction


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I have a 2000 S Type 3.0 V6. I am having a wee bit of a problem with the reversing sensors. They used to work fine 'til a couple weeks ago then they stopped. Now the interior switch does turn on and off but as soon as reverse is selected, whilst it is in the "on" position the sensor bleeps once and then turns itself off. Anyone got any ideas please? 

Just a little secondary question, how does one remove the upper switch console? Once again thanks in advance.

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Hi Paul, unfortunately the reversing sensors work in series and if 1 fails then none will work. However, there is a simple method of proving if a sensor is working or not. Get someone responsible to sit in the car, go to sensor 1 and place your ear to it whilst asking the the person sitting in the car to start thee car and select reverse obviously, with handbrake and footbrake on. The sensor should make a clicking sound. The test should be repeated on all 4 sensors systematically until you find the sensor/sensors that are not functioning, replace as necessary.

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I tested mine without starting the engine, turned on ignition (not starting car) and put car in reverse with handbrake on.


The Jaguar sensors seem to be the bane of every ones life. MIne are faulty but where the fault lies I have no idea. Sometimes they work perfectly, other times I get the dreaded continuous tone. There is no rhyme or reason why they should work sometimes and not the other and have not got to the bottom of it yet.


Even with the high pitch reversing sensor warning going off. I listened to each sensor and they were clicking as you would expect. Now that indicates the sensors are working. So there must be something else causing the problem. But I do not know what.

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