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Quick hello from me as I jump out of my Lotus / Mercedes combination and pick up a new XE this coming weekend. Looking forward to the car, but also being part of this and the wider Jaguar community.


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good morning Terry 

                   firstly welcome to the club form another Berkshire jaguar owner /staff member of the club, your find lots to look at in the forums, upload some photos of the new car when you pick  him/her up. Im looking into getting a venue for local members to meet up on a monthly basis & have a beer /coffee & a chat everything jaguar, hope you can join us at some point. also there is meet  in  September meet at gaydon with quite a few members coming from far & wide.


anyways welcome again and enjoy the your new xe   :)  :) 


regards Ron 

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Welcome to the Club, Terry.


Tha Jaguar experience is is rather nice and the S Type is the best car I have ever driven.  They tell me that the XF also great, and so I am waking to see some reports about the XE.


We make good cars in the West Midlands.





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