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Adaptive Damping


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My car is a 2005 xj Sovereign which has Air Suspension with Adaptive Damping.

I recently thought that the normal smooth ride had firmed up although no faults were displayed and the ride height was OK. I Suspected that the Adaptive Damping had for some reason defaulted to its firm setting. However, looking for DTC,s (icarsoft i930) in the ASM and ABSM showed none recorded. I am now looking at the live data which shows :-

1/ firm dampers at stand still but switchig to soft when moving

2/ all damper status at 15(firm) at standstill and 0(soft) when moving.

I am not sure what the reading of 15 signifies but all dampers give the same value as they do for the 0 reading.

Ride still appears too firm!

I am about to disconnect one of the dampers, by unplugging its connector, which should default all dampers to firm and then monitoring conditions 1&2 above and assesing the ride.

I will report back what I find but would be interested to hear if anyone has had this problem.


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