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Had a trip out to a large car supermarket based in winsford, Cheshire yesterday where your not bothered by salesmen and are allowed to get the keys for their cars and take your time choosing the right car for your needs.

They had a 08 XF 2.7d in stock so we got the keys and had a good look inside and out comparing it with my 06 S type 2.7d which I've always said would be my step up jaguar.

How disappointed I was.

Apart from the revolving air vents and the pop up gear selector it just didn't feel all that special.

The interior didn't feel "jaguar" unlike the traditional styled S type interior and only the growler in the steering wheel gave any clue to it being a jaguar, cover that up and we could've been sat in any other mainstream car manufacturers vehicle!!

The styling from side on looks almost like the vauxhall insignia we had a couple of years ago.

The boot, although bigger than the S type, seemed smaller due to the smaller opening.

All in all the more we sat in it the more we liked our S type.

Think I'll be keeping my S type for longer than I planned.

Anyone agree??

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Mine has dpf and as long as you know about and utilise the regen cycle there not problematic.

The early XF's are S types underneath and the same engine.

Seen a few XJ's but think it's too much like an X type.

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Hi Chris,


I have a similar car to Andy, and what he has said is quite correct.


 If you don't play by the book and give the 2.7 litre Diesel a good run once a month or so you might get a few DPF problems.


The 2.7 diesel fitted to the S Type and the early XF as well as the XJ at the same year was only changed to the new 3.0 litre diesel to meet Euro 5 emissions requirement.





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