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Newbie but old (ish) jaguar(s) owner X and S typet

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I live in chesterfield in derbyshire and am lucky enough to own a 2.5 V6 X type sport estate (my Wifes car) and a 2000 3.0 V6 S type just bought.  As well as many other vehicles, including american customs.


I have just retired from teaching maths after 33 years in secondary schools at the ripe old age of 54!  Call it "burnt out"!  Kids are brilliant, the pressures aren't.  So a career change ensued starting a year or so ago!


I have been building radical american custom cars (www.lowcamaro.com) for years and luckily have a degree in maths and another in electronics.  Also a qualified mechanic and welder/fabricator.  i specialise in engine management systems and the use of oscilloscopes for diagnostics.  My business is Andys American Kustoms and have a few restos underway.  BUT........and this is where it becomes relevant here.........................


I was lucky enough to pick up a 2000 S type 3.0 V^ auto with cream leather interior and metallic blue paintwork.  Standing for 2 years after the elderly owner couldn't drive anymore (why do they do that?). Failed MOT on idle emissions (probably stuck everything after 2 years!), all the brake pipes and a few suspension bushes.  Oh, and humble things like windscreen wipers etc.  Oh, and RUST.  Along the usual place, along the sills, inner sills, floorpan and outriggers (whatever they are).


So, to build or break?  Hmmm?  Build of course.  Restoration.  never broken a car up yet and hopefully never will.


So, I will post on the forum (S type one!) a kind of step by step guide on how to replace rusty sills, inner sills, outriggers (never understood that name).  No filler, no fibreglass, just plain old hard work with a bit (lot) of fresh steel and welding thrown in for good measure..  Please follow along while I play about cutting things out and probably swearing a lot.


At the end I want to produce a rust free jag that is structurally sound and a 12 month MOT and a clean bill of health.  i will then sell it on to someone who will enjoy it.  If I keep it, it will have air suspension, sit on the floor, blacked out chrome, no door handles, a roof chop and tinted windows.  Oh and some silly big wheels.  So, Im sure you lot dont want that to happen so it will go up for sale!!!


Ill start the the rusty sills thread later.














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Welcome to the Club, Andy.


We lived in Dronfield Woodhouse for12 years, and our two sons went to St Mary's in Chesterfield.


I can understand getting burnt out by the pressure that you get with teaching  ---  I lasted two terms before giving in my notice!


You experience and advice will be very helpful to the members of the club.





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Hi Peter.

Thanks for reply.

Small world, I worked at Newbold Community School (right next door to St Marys) for 23 years.  Loved it, but haven't got the energy anymore.


I wil do my best to help out anybody I can.  Im lucky enough to have my own garage so can spread out and have the luxury of a 4 ton car lift!



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