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heater blower not working

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Hi, my heater blower has stopped working on my 2005 x type diesel estate. The switch already had 2 settings not working when I bought it a year ago then 3/4 months ago lost another. Now it has stopped altogether. Took fan out and connected it to a battery and it worked, albeit a bit noisy so bought a new one. Still not working. Swapped a relay over, same. Would it be the resistor I need to replace. It is a 6 pin plug one. Approx £45 from Barretts Jaguar. Or would it be switch. Haven't got a tester and don't know how to use one anyhow. Ideas would be welcome.  :rolleyes: Also is that a good price



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I would only be able to answer your question by testing both the switch and resistor sorry. Being an electrical engineer by profession this would be my first port of call however, if you are not confident in the use of a multimeter then I suggest you take it along to a technician that can solve your problem. If you bridge the switch (short it out) and it works then I would suggest the switch if it does not work then I would suggest the resistor

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