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Trolly jack points

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I'm a little confused


looking at the workshop manual for jacking points it points to a shaped piece under next to the scissor jack point at the rear wheels but the bit the manual points to is made of plastic, is this just a cover that butts upto metal under so you rest the jack plate on the plastic.


Any pics would be a great help before a cause damage.



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In the absence of more qualified responders I offer the following suggestion which I was thinking of using.  Get a piece of solid steel the size of the head of the scissor jack and thick enough to extend below the lip around the jacking point, place that on the plate of the trolley jack and raise the jack so that the metal piece fits into the scissor jack recess.

Not ideal perhaps but it should work.  But please note I have not yet tried it myself.

An added thought - you'd need to ensure the block doesn't slide off the plate as the jack is lifted.  My jack's plate is concave so I don't think I'll have any problems but if yours is flat be careful.

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