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Black exhaust and dash board noise!!

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I have just bought a rather shabby 2006 S type V6 petrol Sports. (just couldn't resist) Two questions:

The right hand (offside) exhaust tail pipe is black, the left one pale. What does this indicate. In the old days it was a very rich mixture - is it possible one bank of 3 cylinders is richer than the other?? The engine runs smoothly except a slight vibration on tick-over.


Also and unrelated I hope. There are lots of creaking / bubbling noised coming from below the centre of the dash board!! This is whilst running and for some time after ignition switched off. Is this something to do with the Climate Control system?? Any thoughts??


Many thanks,


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Hi Steve, and welcome to the club.


The S type has a sort of mechanical indigestion, and the gurgling is equivalent to a burp.  It is climate control and nothing to worry about.


I think that the exhaust colour might have been something from the past.  If you clean the guilty one up and see if it gets black again.  If it doesn't get black  again it will be OK. If it does then a problem will exist and a solution will be found.





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