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Video: cleaning and maintaining your Leather interior


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Hi Guy's, 

great information on keeping that leather interior like new.... Or near to it. I have used the steam clean method and re-applied leather conditioner to my X Type with great results. Cheers, And



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Yeah, I have been following this guy too, awesome !

lovin the tooth brush method, Peter, any chance you did a bit of duty cleaning of the heads by any chance in your past ?? Lol

I will post some pics of the steam clean results tomorrow, came up like new ! The muck is lifted by the steam then you apply leather cleaner and wipe off, did the whole interior in 30 mins

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Hi Andrew,

I love boats, but unfortunately since leaving  the North West I have never lived near the sea. I did learn my way around sailing boats, though.  When I was in Maryland quite a few years ago with over 35 degrees centigrade on the thermometer, I asked if I could borrow a boat  --  hoping for a 14 footer with a single sail - I was loaned a 64 foot sloop plus a a crew of 3, and had the pleasure of taking it out to the bay with the spinnaker full of wind.  I could not have a cool beer because the sloop was registered as a US Navy boat, and not allowed alcohol on board.  I found out later that it had belonged to a certain John F Kennedy, whose family had given it to the Navy to look after , which they did!

I never had to clean the heads, though!


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Fantastic, Peter !

You just can't buy that type of experience and not many can say they have crewed a sloop owned by JFK, fond memories I'm sure. My son is ex Royal Marine Commando, as soon as you mentioned 'tooth brush' it reminded me of his dits of cleaning heads with a toothbrush whilst training at CTCRM Lympstone. Happy days.



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