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Jaguar XF S 3.0L V6 needed

Dan the donkey

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Hi All,

My name is Dan, until recently a jaguar XF 3.0L V6 Premium Luxury Pearl grey ivory interior Jaguar owner. Unfortunately part of the rear left hand suspension failed during a right hand bend and the car left the road writing the car off as there was a drainage ditch between the road and the field where my car came to rest, she was probably repairable until she was ungracefully recovered and damaged all the more. 

I have OCD (actual real  medically diagnosed and treated) and asperges, Oh and heavy depression, Due to these ailments my XF overwise known as Kayliegh was a very important part of my life, providing me a stable known and calming environment where I was as happy as I can be. Now without my Kayleigh I'm really struggling.

Get to the point Dan!, So anyone who has a Jaguar XF 3.0L V6 S Dissel With the light ivory interior and an external colour of Pearl Grey or Crystal blue Portfolio or premium Luxury with the Bowers and Wilkins stereo and Mileage of 55,000 or less, Please get in touch, I will point out due to my afore mentioned ailments My Car was immaculate and so am looking for a very well loved car. 

I Was so relaxed and calmed by my Kayleigh that i have decided to keep my next XF indefinitely, Symptom of asperges, i'm troubled by change! So in essence if you have a much loved XF and want the car to have a good home and be cared for, you will struggle to find someone who will care for it better. This may sound far fetched but i assure you that the car will be kept indefinably, for instance i have 3 motorbikes, all of which are also being kept, My old Hornet i have had since i was 18, I'm know 24 she will still be with me many years in the future. I take such good care of my things to the point where i actually machine my own custom parts for them as nothing is good enough for them, I'm a perfectionist aswell if you hadn't already noticed.

Please get in touch if you feel you have a vehicle to offer. I would be eternally grateful.

Thank you 


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