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Hi everyone,

I am a bit of a weird one. I have been waiting since a serious RTA on a motorbike to get back on the road. May 12th 2012 I ended up with brain injury and body disabilities and have carers every day because my life is lets say weird now since accident. I lost track of day, month or even correct year and need help on lots of basic things in life. It's embarrassing and frustrating as I suffer a lot of pain daily and sleep is a thing of the past really, but I manage eventually to overcome this little annoyance.

I am heavily medicated and it took a year for my body to adjust to this just so I sort of understood what was happing in the head department.

I tell you all as sometimes I may not notice what people have said or written or say wrong things or get confused. I use a speech recognition system to type for me as hands are a bit no-no on a keyboard but right hand is winning this race. Was left handed but since accident this is now not possible. I need constant prompting to do certain things but this is just a by-product of brain injury and does not bother me but seems to freak out others around me. Apparently I am not fully aware of my needs or condition, but honestly, I think others make to much fuss over this.

I had to do a new extended driving test which was a condition of DVLA because of brain injury and PASSED recently so I am back on the road.

Driving is second nature so even with problems I have it still is automatic to me, not the driving side but the shear alert to what's all around me.

I have to take a driver everywhere I go but this is only because of short term memory as I simply forget where I'm going or where I'm meant to be.  I am driving now but NOT comfortably yet.  So a clock or time is NOT relevant as are any dates, and believe me it took a while to understand why everyone keeps banging on about this, and I still don't know fully why people are so hang-up on such a useless waste of life but now I simply don't care or even try to let it bother me. I use mother nature to live now and follow birds in my garden and am using there way of life to help me in mine.

I have had a very interesting and educated life and have a few professions behind me and has cost me wore than an average family house but well worth it over the years.  I can recall all my life from about a year or so before the accident right to childhood but then it gets funny.  I have lost the ability to communicate properly and can only have a one to one conversation but nothing complex. I have a couple of degrees and was teaching at uni at time of accident along with a couple of other jobs so was a work-a-holic. this has taken me about three days to complete and I have had to use my carers but I'm getting there. They have helped me arrange bits of sentence's and paragraphs into order and they helped me find this forum so I hope this is not too much reading?

I have been retired so this is actually a blessing as I now get to do what-ever I want to a point. The point being my carers and people in charge of me seem to freak-out too much when I do or try to do things.  I have to cause myself sever pain to do things and this scares them but I refuse to sit on my back-side and watch the world go by just yet.

I started out as cycle mechanic, specializing in wheel building then went on to become a BMW (oops) mechanic, from there I became a forester in clear-fell and drifted more and more into photography until I took this up full time and ended up on large-format studio then went onto uni to learn more and ended up teaching multimedia, Technology and design and maths. A great place to hide in life away from hard work.

I was a computer geek and still can do certain things beyond what people know, but coding is now a problem.  I can do anything from my past brain wise so as you see I still have a lot to draw on.


Now to the car I want.  I have been looking at a few models. x-type, s-type, xj series and a couple of others.

I have narrowed this down with help to go for total comfort above all else, so a XJ V8 Sovereign is what I have been looking at.

I found a few.  I'm not looking to spend £20,000 -£50,000 now as this is a waste of money owing to what I go through daily. I made 50 years old in June this year as my birth certificate shows I was born in 1965. As a new driver all over again insurance is going to be steep but who cares.

I have limited myself to £8,000.

I also need to convert to LPG just to make it easier to run on costs as I don't have a petrol tanker plonked on my drive-way.

I also will not touch anything over 50,000 miles and it MUST have full service jag history and be mint condition through-out. Restoration jobs are over.

I am looking for help and insight as this will be my first Jaguar I've owned. Worked on a few in my past but never owned one.:w00t:

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Hi Robert

Welcome to the club really pleased to have you as a member we are a friendly bunch of Jaguar enthusiasts 

and I'm sure someone will be on soon to help you --I have a X Type and really love to drive around in my

dream car because that's what I've wanted for a few years now.

Best regards



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