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New X-Type Owner - Tyne and Wear


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Hello Ladies and Gents,

Today I became the new custodian of a Jaguar X-Type. It's a 2009 car, 2.2 DCi auto, SE spec. In Ionian Blue (I think!), Ivory/Oyster/Rosewood on Barbados wheels. I understand this is quite a common colour combination, which to me is no great concern because I think it looks the cat's pyjamas. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up some useful information and learn more about my car. I've wanted a Jag since I was about three years old, and 23 years later I've gotten my hands on one!!

I've got some searching to do with regards to key programming, obtaining/programming a third key, and global closing, hopefully I'll be able to find my answers sharpish!

Here is a (really flaming rough) photograph of Kitty, unfortunately the weather has been awful since I picked her up. Visible in the background in one is the Saab 9-5 2.3t Auto she's replaced.




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Cannot believe this ,real coincidence my X Type 2009 2.2 diesel which is identical in colour and trim to yours I have owned for 5 weeks and even more coincidental I traded in a blue Saab 9.5

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Hi Craig and welcome to the Club.

The X type is a great car, smooth and quite quick.

Key fobs do seem to get a lot of publicity, and seem to provide auto locksmiths/electricians some work.

Check you car battery is OK and if so you may need to either get your dealer to reprogram the fobs and match them with the car or get a local auto electrician or auto locksmith to sort it out.



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