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Water in footwell

Mr Lawrence

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New house has a slight slope on the drive and the past couple of days when we've had heavy rain I've had a small puddle of water in my drivers side footwell. 

Previous driveway was dead level so probably not noticed it before. 

Any ideas where it'd be getting in?? 


Its not coolant but plain old rain water!!

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I had a similar problem a few years ago on a previous car except it was the passenger footwell, could not trace the source for love nor money. Took the Nozel off my hose (to give gentle flow ) and got my son to pass over the doors windscreen and roof slowly while I sat in the car,  hey presto, traced to a blocked duct on the sunroof. Sorted it with a straightened wire coat hanger very gently pushing down the duct. If you don't have a sunroof, the hose trick might get you a bit closer to the source.



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Hi Andy , I am new on here . I had a water ingress into the drivers footwell and a couple of days later it was dry ? . I  asked the mechanic and he says it is most probably from the windscreen at the bottom corner drivers side,  and that it could need re-bonding . but it can be done with clear sealant for about £30. hope this is of some help.

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