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I have just bought my first S Type,  I've had jags before when I run my own repair garage but in them days it was XJ6s, but I have always liked my Vauxhalls and I traded in a old Corsa for the S Type and now I have a 1988 Nova to sell on so I can spend my time on the Jag. The S Type came with a new mot and in very nice condition, but I like my cars immaculate so its up on stands in my garage with all the under covers off, its surprising what they hide although its a 52 reg its not bad I've just caught the inner sills in time, so its waxoil time and then a full service, Its only a hobby car, and I can't see it doing much mileage but it gives me some thing to do because even at 79 I can't put the spanners down.

All the best to all on the forum


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Welcome to the Club, Graham.

You sound like a perfectionist  ---  not many of those about these days in the car business.

Photos before and after will be nice.



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Thanks for the welcome Peter'

Just found out our camera does not work, so I will try the mobile to take photos, but I can see the work taking a while as I do the work as and when I can. (wife not in good health so the house work comes first)  Then the garden, but it is a hobby car and I just love working on cars, been in the trade all my life working on cars, lorries, buses all types of contractors plant, but its always been my hobby as well as my employment, I've been lucky my grandkids can't under stand when I say I use to love to go to work, wife says I haven't  blood in my veins its oil   


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