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Drivers window lift failure 1999 3.0 SE


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I am driving around with the windows open as I am waiting for a replacement A?C compressor. This morning I noticed a lot of rattling from the glass and when I tried to raise it the motor runs but the glass doesn't move.

Before I take the door panels off does anyone know if it is likely that the unit is broken or can the glass just become detached?

Is it a good idea to get a new unit before starting on the door?

Any suggestions for a sensible place to get the parts mail order as locating them here in Spain can be difficult?

Thanks again


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Hey Dave, I need to get into my doors so I've bought spare clips on the basis that they can get brittle and I'm likely to break a few. I'd look 1st or you won't be sure what you need 😉

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Hi Russ

Door panel came off with no problems and no broken clips.

I got the broken regulator out (I have the scars to prove it, there are some sharp bits inside that door!) and now I am looking for a replacement, which are few and far between in Spain.

By coincidence a local garage has an old S type for breaking but I am not sure if it is a good idea to put an old unknown part in there. May be doing it again before long.

I located one in UK but they want £35.00 delivery charge. I think they are sending it by Taxi.

Anyone know any good mail order suppliers that don't charge stupid prices?

My new AC compressor arrived at the garage today so it would be good if I can get everything working at the same time. We are seeing temps in the high 30s at the moment so AC isn't a luxury.


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Well done for getting in there Dave and good you didn't break anything! If the local spare for breaking can be seen working and looks OK, this would seem the best best, it's there and hopefully cheap and good etc.

A full price recharge (£60), sorted my aircon out, so I was luckier than you, as it's blowing lovely and cold. The guy put a tacker dye in the refrigerant, so if it leaks we can identify it in future. Hopefully your's will be done soon and you can start enjoying the S-Type, not working on it :wink:

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