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Hi all, ive just bought my second x type in 7 years, love these cars, my problem is compared to my last x type this one is so slow off the mark there's just no go in it, my last one pulled like a train going up through the gears, this one is like driving a 1.4 petrol, once you get to 50 it pulls fine but getting to 50 is like watching paint dry, there's no lights on the dash, there's no smoke, bangs or rattles and no turbo whoosh its just gutless, any ideas guys ?

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Welcome to the club, Jim.

You don't say which model of x type you have.  Assuming it is a diesel, I would suggest a Terraclean service at a cost of around £120, as it sounds like the fuel system needs a cleanser.

Lets us know how you get on,



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Hi sorry peter should have said it was 2.0 diesel, i'll speak to my local garage see if they can give the fuel system a good clean out, thanks for the advice and i'll let you know if that cures the problem


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