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A little decorum please


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I know I've mentioned this before but here I go again.

It appears to me that the simple respect of using "Please" and "Thank you" where appropriate is no longer taught (instilled) in people the way it once was.

Looking at this forum in particular, if you're asking a member for specific help, either by way of information or by practical assistance, making it a request with the polite niceties is probably going to pay dividends.

The reason I raise this again is that members of this forum, who have some specialized skills, equipment and/or knowledge are only too willing to assist others because of their altruistic nature. They are not, however, carbon based work units, required to respond to imperatives and demands.

Is it really too much for some people to realize that to antagonise the individual who has the ability, and, equally importantly, the inclination to assist, will be counterproductive in the long run?

A case in point:- A member of this forum wants his car to be equipped with Jaguar Voice, bluetooth, a CD Changer and an Audio Connectivity Module.

I was prepared to do all that was required, including providing the additional D2B cable, the installation of the hardware and the work required with the Jaguar diagnositcs to get it all working together. I estimated that it would take a day to do so and I would have provided lunch and sundry refreshments as I always do when a friend in the Jaguar community drops in for a visit or to have a job done on their car, totally FOC, as I have done for others in the past, as a way of thanking all those who have helped me in one way or another and putting something back into said Jaguar community. Even though I say so myself, that's a tidy bit of work to have done on your car for nowt.

However, the message I got this morning from that particular forum member was couched in such terms that I decided to totally ignore the individual. His loss, not mine.

I can also confirm at this point that I am not the only forum member who has found it necessary to refuse help because of the disrespectful, peremptory and arrogant attitude displayed.

Chaps, we are not stroppy adolescents with vocabulary limited to text speak or grunts. As I said in the title. A little decorum please :yes:

Or maybe I, and others of like mind, should just accept that "polite" went out of the window some time ago.

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It must be the way some people are brought up , and really does make my blood boil when people are like that. Thankfully they are in the minority and really shouldn't be involved with a friendly forum like this . I hope this ungrateful cretin won't stop you offering your kind gesture of help to other members .

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Unfortunately this is not the only forum that can find itself at the mercy of the 'few who don't understand'. The web site of a well respected brand of classic British motorcycle has had its problems over the years. The problem is that for some it is not easy to show respect in writing, neither for some is it obvious that please and thank you are just as important where electronic communications are concerned.  


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