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Jaguar S Type 2.5 (2003) Engine wobble


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Hello All,

Looking to get some advice about an issue that has started in the last few days, when I start up the Jag and the engine is at idle the car seems to almost wobble which you can feel in the cabin, it's not a vibration as such and the engine idle speed is nice and steady as it's always been since I've had the car!

The car starts at the first turn of the key, no misfires, no smoke, still pretty good on petrol and runs lovely and smooth as it's always done.

I've just done a 150 mile round trip today and it's not missed a beat, I use the Jag for work and it's never let me down.

She's a 2.5 S Type 2003 model and it's done 145k. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 

Thanks, Nick 



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usually I would of said its a one of the cylinder not firing right or a air leak causing the engine to run lumpy at idle, causing the shake, but if its running perfect maybe not

Check the engine mounts, if one has failed, then if you grab the engine, cold, there will be movement if one has failed,

could also be the rear gearbox mount as well, that would give the same effect



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