Climate control - any insights?

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Hi - I recently bought (and fell in love with!) an 2016 F Type.  However there's a problem with the climate control (when the air con is switched off) - namely that every now and again the system is blowing out blasts of cold air for 30 seconds or so, rather than keeping the temperature constant.  Jaguar tell me this is a feature of the system, but it feels strange to me that it can be normal behaviour.  I don't think I've ever had a car where the norm was to manage the temperature through a series of peaks and troughs rather than by maintaining a flat-lined temperature - i just wondered if any other folks have had a similar experience?  Any insights would be very gratefully received!

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I haven't come across this behaviour, but the climate control is best kept on auto all year round, to keep the system lubricated.

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