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Yes I know it's a bit tacky, but.............

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........... I like it, it makes me chuckle. £14 the pair on ebay from China, they seem well made and took all of 2 minutes to take out the door floods and insert these.



What do you think?

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Well, you have certainly got a thing about lights, Ron.      Perhaps a second car would be good - a Hindustan Ambassador with all the lights round the windows and twinkly bits on the hubcaps.      What about a laser light so that the Leaper is appearing to be suspended in mid-air, although CAA might not approve.

Each to his own, but you know our motto........if it didn't leave Browns Lane or Castle Bromwich with it, it doesn't get it.

However, enjoy.      Perhaps, in years to come, JOC members will reminisce not only about the Styla Sports Mirrors, stick-on bullet holes and Peco Big Bore Exhausts, but also the Leaper door floods.

Carry on twinkling.......:lightbulb:

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3 hours ago, Carole Simpson-Hadley said:

Well, you have certainly got a thing about lights, Ron........

Perhaps you're right Carole, it certainly seems that way. I love the Indian inspired idea (if not the Ambi.. they tend to be used only by officials now, like mid level police and fire brigade officers and inevitably have rolled up flags on the wings) having visited India a number of times. My next project I think will be a twinkling LED Christmas tree to replace the Leaper for the festive season. I should be OK as long as I mount it on a spring so it can't harm a pedestrian :toot:


The door floods I came across quite by accident on ebay, and they were so OTT I couldn't resist them. Strangely enough my son laughed when he saw them and said how terrible they were but he actually liked them. I suppose it's the warthog syndrome, so ugly they're attractive...

Also I appreciate your no modifications approach, but I haven't done anything that can not be undone quite simply and, apart from the door floods, are purely safety related.

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With regard to the bonnet mounted LED Christmas tree.........very thoughtful ref the spring loading, particularly if Santa ends up on your bonnet.  Now about the tinsel strung between the exhaust outlets.........

Yes, we are quite strict about our no add-ons approach, although, that said, we will go with safety improvements if they are not especially visible.  We have, for instance, and like you, upgraded the headlight bulbs on our S as we couldn't believe how ineffective they were with the standard fitting.   The XK is fine in that area, so no change.        We even fitted a new tailgate pull handle on the XK, as the original owner (who covered all of 6600 miles in 9 years from new!) who was a 80+ year old lady, had had a hole drilled in it to facilitate a pull strap, as she was so short and couldn't reach the pull handle when the tailgate was open.

Meanwhile, we are off to the Jaguar Parts Day at Stoneleigh tomorrow; in the XK, or the S if it is raining.      And the next auction sale beckons at the end of the month.     Also going to look at a low miles private plate X300 tomorrow, just in case.    Such fun........how many Jaguars?!!

When you were in India, did you, by any chance, stay in the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.   Pass the tuk.tuk.


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