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IDS/SDD Software

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I'm considering buying IDS/SDD software with cable. Does anyone have experience of these people who offer the lot with V130 version for £99?


Any thoughts appreciated. My tame mechanic doesn't have this software so I feel if I intend to keep this car long term it might be a good investment.

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I have the mongoose lead and Jaguar IDS/SDD software.

I had mine from brittish diagnostics,  Mine was 70 quid when I had mine.

It' comes on Vmware, creates a virtual windows xp pro interface on your computer so can be used on Windows 7 onwards, but I found its not 100% stable and it's a ball ache when you want to save screen caps and history logs.

I run mine now on a dedicated laptop that runs windows xo pro, it only works on this and runs faultless, well recommended.

As for the leads, Mine was a proper mongoose lead, blue leads and serial and licensed,  not like so of the clones which are red.

You can do everything jaguar can and is a superb diagnostic tool

You use ids for preparing 2005 carsand SDD for post 2005, I've mainly used IDS



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Fully in agreement with what Joe said. I got mine from British Diagnostics.

Worth getting a dedicated laptop with XP on it as well. Mine runs perfectly. Can also put PDF based manuals, etc on it and also the EPC.

Be careful about updating the software. After a certain version it will do nothing if it can't "phone home". Clearly, you'd need to disable internet on your dedicated laptop anyway ;)

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Thanks Joe and Paul, sounds like it is a no brainer for me! I have a few old laptops lying around so getting a dedicated laptop is no problem, similarly they will either have XP Pro or I will have a copy somewhere. When I operated as an IT Consultant with my own company, I had a subscription to Microsoft which gave me free copies of their software, very useful.

As you say, obviously it will not require an internet connection so I'll make sure to disable the wifi!

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