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Can anyone explain why, after 5 months of ownership, I go out tonight to deposit organic waste in the (brown) bin and find myself looking lovingly with doe eyes at my beautiul S Type? Why I am already excited by the prospect of driving to my local Sainsburys tomorrow morning (as I do every week when I'm at home, about 3 miles) to purchase provisions for the coming week (well, whisky doesn't manufacture itself!).

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Yep, the growler bug, aka Lesser-Spined Jaguoptera GSP (Grace,Space,Pace) has multiplied and taken up residence in sunny (sometimes) Kent.     It must also have undertaken a "touch and go" in our neck of the woods, as we, likewise, find any excuse to saddle up and take a (often completely unecessary) trip.

Being teetotallers, we find that the tea-bags and fruit juice also don't manufacture themselves, and our JS is similarly only 10 minutes away.

Never before (even in my Gilbern collection days) and, in the case of significant other's racing days, have we been "so saft" when it comes to tripping out (no, not way-out, man, like real cool) in the Jags.    A blast in the countryside in the XK, a trip like last week to Nottingham theatre in the S, or some "getting to know you" local pottering in the XJ8, just can't wait 'til the next time.

Our Jags have a way of getting under the skin.   The driving experience is so rewarding, even though hopping from the XK to the XJ8 we have to remind ourselves that the 8 is not quite so lithe as the XK.......we like looking at the scenery, not being in it.

And so to zz land said Zebedee, perchance to dream of that elusive Mk2 or a nice XJS zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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It's definitely something that gets into the blood and no direct contact is needed so it must be airborne - maybe Jag put something in the aircon or maybe push pheromones through the exhaust?.

Hmmm, anyone recall that the Jaguar factory in Castle Bromwich was used to construct Spitfires during WW2? As a very young boy I fell for those machines for all the obvious reasons but also and in particular for the roar of the RR Merlin Engine - still does odd things to me when I hear one even now. When I became of age the RAF had moved on to the English Electric Lightening but sadly they were more interested in my taking the Engineering route rather than that of Pilot Officer Training - harrumph - so I waved them off and went my own way.

The S Type, with its nod to the aero-dynamic lines of the Mark2, effortless handling - swooping through corners and launching itself onto motorways, with a gently growling engine that when lead-footed can achieve a roar unequalled by anything else always brings to my mind the Spitfire - two indomitable and indisputable British icons.

Can't help myself even at my advanced age mine was an affair stated in childhood and continues to this day - don't tell the missus.:wub:

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Do, indeed, recall the Spitfire past of Jaguar, Castle Bromwich.  Significant other used to live in foggy Lincolnshire and was regularly entertained by practice sessions of the BBMF Spitfires/Hurricane & Lancaster.   Likewise Red Arrows practice sessions but the sound of the Merlins was, apparently, a very goosebump moment.   Also, the antics of the Lightnings at Binbrook and the Vulcans at Waddington/Scampton etc were always entertaining.

But down to earth (pun intended), we are more than happy with the burble of our V8 4.2 XK, the deep roar of our S, and even the more sedate whisper of the XJ8.

We are both guilty of affairs for some time.....fortunately, affairs which are shared.........the Jaguar connection.  

Now where did we leave those Paddy Hopkirk driving gloves............

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