3.0 V6 s type, custom exhaust or not?

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Just got a 2005 3.0 V6 S type. Do I get s quiet subtle stainless steel system all the way through or keep original?


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Unless your exhaust is in a bad way or your going to keeps it for years, I would not bother

There quite expensive, Adamesh rear silencers are nearly £500 and a Miltek system is nearly £2000

If it were a V8 then it would be a definite YES, Have them on my STR and they sound Great!!, but it quiet on a run

but the V6 does not respond that well to exhaust, it will be louder but you get a constant drone

easiest way to tell if you will like is drop your rear silencers off, takes 15 minutes and that what it will sound like with a sports type stainless system

next to no power increase either

now if you after a replacement for a rusty system, than a descent stainless exhaust centre, can build you a custom one and they can make it quiet if you require it, but I bet your talking £300 to £500



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Welcome to the club, Matt.

My S type has a stainless steel exhaust and is nice and quiet.  But the first owner had it factory fitted as an optional extra  ---  likely for me!

I am in total agreement with what Joe has said.  If it isn't broken, don't change it.



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Yer kinda see your points. The money side doesn't bother me too much I have a good " powerflow " near me I've used in the past. But no point in wasting money when the original system is good still. Think if it goes wrong at any point it will give me the excuse to do it then. Think I'll stick to window tints and front mesh grill + bumper. Will post pics once done. 

Thanks for the advice best to be sensible.



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