Peter Hurley

Just joined seeking advice ref my XF 2.7 V6 Prm L

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Hello to all Jag owners. My XF is the second Jag I have owned. She is beautiful and I love her more than either of my former wives.

Having been to the main dealer for a health check it appears the Cam belt should have been replaced at 105k miles (now on 127k). Was quoted a price of just under £400 under a special 3+ programme back in November. Have been in contact to book it in and rechecked price to be told it is £1,169.00. Further questioning reveals that the price given in November was for the Front Cam Belt. The new price is for front and rear! The dealer has generously offered to honour the price for the front. I have had to ask for a price for the back (its a bit like drawing teeth!).

Can any experienced owners out there tell me whether:

1. There are two cambelts?

2. Do they both need replacing at 105k miles?

3. IS this a main dealer job, or can competent general workshops do this work?

glad to have found the club, will have a look around and hope to hear from you soon.



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yes there are 2 belts, both need doing, one cam belt front and other is fuel pump at the rear

dealer or general workshop, but I don't think there's much difference in price s jaguar do it as a fixed price and I would prefer genuine parts if it not much dearer

thinks it costs £375 at jaguar



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