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 Set of 4 x 17" genuine Jaguar Libra alloys.

These are fitted with a set of Dunlop Sport winter tyres all have about 5mm of tread. 

I had these wheels powder coated in gloss black last year and they only did about 10 weeks on the car, hence they are completely immaculate. There are no scratches on dents on the rims at all.

I was running them on my XF black and they helped protect the Kalimnos 20" from winter damage and greatly improved winter grip plus being black they didn't detract too much from the look of the car.

Have just sold the car, but want to find a good home for the wheels with someone who will appreciate how much a winter tyre will improve a car like the XF for winter driving. If you've never used winter tyres you really don't know what you're missing, or risking when the temp drops below 6 degrees.

I want £400 for the set of wheels and tyres which I reckon is a steal when the tyres new are nearly £400 each.







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Hi Richie,

I am very interested in your wheels, do you want to PM me your contact details so we can discuss further?

What's the offset & width of the wheels?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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