Gaz Bladen

Jaguar XF S PORTFOLIO V6 Diesel 2012 facelift CHAT

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My new Jaguar XF S PORTFOLIO V6 🚗🚗 

absolutely love this car. 

Having some issues with the central locking system sometimes the door mirrors fold in when locked and sometimes they don’t?? Anyone experienced this? 









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Hi Gary,

Welcome aboard!

Your new acquisition looks very nice - I haven't had mine very long either and have yet to reach for any tools, (just hope I am not tempting fate)!

I also have a slightly older 2.5 V6 AWD X-Type, (which did me proud last week and never got stuck despite the bad weather), and she developed an intermittent offside mirror fold problem and I traced that to the fuse.

The fuse was fine - it just needed to be re-seated in the fuse holder and everything was fine afterwards.

Obviously there will be little similarity between the X-Type and the XF but it is still worth looking at the simple things first.

I would presume that the next area of interest to focus on will be the central locking module which will control the mirrors, windows and sunroof for the 'total closure' functionality.

But I am sure that other, (more learned), forum members will chip in with the benefit of their experience.


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Hi Martin,

thanks I personally think it’s the best colour combination, it’s stunning to look at every angle and i occasionally have to remind myself I’ve got my dream car I’ve always wanted. 

Cant go wrong with AWD in the snow, I’ve always liked the X-type. I wouldn’t risk mine, it stayed at home for a few days waiting for snow to melt haha.

thats great thanks I will have a look at the fuse box the weekend and failing that I might nip into a jag garage and ask them.


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