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Jaguars at Bicester - tempting!

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Following on from last thread about the Grand Prix Collection Jaguars at Donnington (closing November 05), entitled "Rather special bonnet badge".......Jaguar travels continue, and here are the Jaguar/Daimler offerings at this week's Bicester Heritage sale which we went to view today......yum yum, although there was another marque which also caught our eye.

1. Here's a quite nice ex-Met Police Mk2, somewhat changed in appearance from its Met days and with the addition of PAS and a VMC engine, not to mention the Coombs arches and Webasto sunroof (in place of the blue bottle and zippy headlining!

2. How about a MkV convertible to swan about, although some panelwork required, plus where to find the complete contents of a MkV boot mounted tool kit?!

3. A lovely C-type which, although billed as a replica, is, in fact, built using a genuine C-type body

4. One of only 108 TWR XJS V12 Le mans built, although we prefer the XJS (as our Phase One facelift) with the non-plastic bumpers

5 and 6.  A very original one-owner-from-new Series 1 XJ6 4.2 manual.....tempting!

7 and 8.  The non-Jaguar marque which was also tempting......a late 1940s Austin 16 as used several times in Foyle's War.  MOH's first car was the similar but smaller version, the Austin 10......nostalgia rules OK!

9.  A V8 Daimler in need of some TLC

10 and 11.  A brace of Mk2s, red/black 3.4 not a standard colour scheme; BRG car very nicely presented and at a reasonable estimate, although probably because it has a non-standard 4.2 engine mated to the Moss box

12.  A nice, reasonably estimated 3.8 E-type, although again, not as it left the factory...it started life as a coupe but during restoration became a drophead...nicely done, though.

13.  Daimler Dart SP250 V8 showing none of the usual fibreglass issues (which is more than could be said for the nearby Lotus Elan +2 , which had more cracks than the Acropolis.

14.  Hands off, not for sale........that's our Purrrdy!

Viewing day at the sales is often more relaxed than the actual sale day; less folk about and the cars are unlocked.  Anyway, at Bicester they do a mean toastie and hot chocolate, so yum yum again

Happy growling but keep your hands in your pockets and, whatever you do, don't wink at the auctioneer ducky..................















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