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JAGUAR XF Portfolio 2.2D Remap


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Hi guys!

recently bought myself a Jaguar XF. The car is a 15 plate and I’m looking to get a stage 1 remap on the car to increase the Torqe and get better MPG!

I am in Cheshire so if you know any good places to take it that would be great! 

Also, I’m looking to put the XFR body kit on the car... is it worth it? 


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Having my re map on my 2.2td 2015 model on 9/4/19 by spires. They are also fitting an xfr exhaust and valance to it. I had it dyno tested the other day and was disappointed to see 425nm of torque and 179 bhp at the back wheels. Expected more from an engine purportedly rated at 204bhp by jaguar. Spires I understand are jaguar specialists so search for them on the internet. They should be able to re map at your home address. They claim a BHP increase of 35-40 and torque to 450 nm. I am doing it for fuel economy rather than speed and will leave the speed limiter on at 140mph. Will let you know wht it feels like after I have had it done. Cost is about £925 for the remap and £1600 for the exhaust and valance painted to match the original ultimate black paint. I hate the grey plastic standard valance. Makes the car look cheap and nasty.

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If your on Facebook Tony Dalton is supposedly the man to go to he’s partnered  with delta motorsports now.Ive asked before on a Jaguar forum on Facebook and 9 times out of 10 his name comes up.Hes based darn sarf but comes up North every 6-8 weeks to do so many I’m waiting (I’m in Blackpool) cost is £295.

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