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Burning eyes when driving

TI Samuel

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I got my new xe R sport (2018 diesel) about 6 months ago but when driving it now, I do get burning sensation that causes great discomfort to my eyes when the heating or the air con is on as well as when accelerating. It only happens when I drive this new car, it does not affect me when I drive my old corsa (petrol), to be clear this burning sensation does not irritate my wife eyes when she drives, although I drive the car more frequently than her.

Can somebody please help me with what might be causing the problem or give me an advice on what to do.

Thank you.


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It could be the aircon, if the aircon is a lot better on the new car, this could be irritating your eyes

if the air is too dry than can cause it, try turning air con off or have  air coming in from out side, recirc with air con can make the air inside the car really dry



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