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4.2 or 5.0 ?

s3c chris

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As an S type owner I am contemplating replacing it with an X150. Having looked at and driven a couple I have fallen in love with the shape and style.

Although it would be my “everyday” car it would not get a great deal of use, less than 5000 pa probably and would not be used for work as most of the time I drive a van.

My budget would be around 12-12.5 K and for this I can can buy a seemingly nice lower mileage 4.2 or a higher mileage 5.0.  I am only considering the n/a versions in coupe form. I have only driven the 4.2 and found the engine very sweet ( to me at least) so is it worth getting the 5.0 over the “proven” 4.2? Economy is not the greatest consideration obviously but what is a real world figure likely to be? In my 3.0 S Type I average 22 in normal driving, well over 30 on a long motorway trip.

Any help or opinions are greatly appreciated.

Regards Chris.

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I went from the XF 3.0D S to the XK nearly six years ago, and still absolutely love my low mileage 4.2. I have had no trouble at all in that time, and it still looks pretty much showroom both inside and out: Not bad for a 13 yer old car!

I love the sound of the V8, and it still seems very quick indeed to me, so I have no desire for a 5.0.  

However, we are all different of course, so the choice is really down to the individual.

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Thank you for the reply.

I agree about what you say and condition is of importance to me. 

The 4.2 I drove did indeed seem very quick and as you say does make a lovely noise...... Also, I do prefer the cleaner front bumper on the earlier cars.

If you don’t mind, what sort of fuel consumption do you get from your car? I’m more curious than anything, you can expect too much from any V8 engine.

Regards Chris.

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I haven’t looked at the fuel consumption for years: I have the display set to show the range remaining in the tank, which is what matters most to me!

I think that on a journey from Edinburgh to Newcastle I got about 23mpg. I dare say that it would be possible to get it to 25mpg, but most of the time I imagine it will be sub 20mpg, but have never checked.

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I just had this pleasant dilemma and went for the 5.0 as it ticked more boxes in terms of power and more modern interior. The 5.0 has really useful shove and sounds glorious at full chat. My main reasoning on the power was that my last car was 303bhp and I wanted to feel I had gone up in spec. 4.2 vs 5.0 is probably better decided by yourself from the drivers seat I'd say. 

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