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2009 XF 3.0 D Portfolio - Headlight popped by a bird!


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Picked up this lovely 3.0 Portfolio at the beginning of the year. Seemed a bit noisy so took it to a couple of specialists. Once we'd sorted fluff from fact chose a great specialist who sussed out the source of the noise to a bearing and replaced the discs as they were going to need doing anyway (which I knew when i bought it). Barring a couple of electrical issues which I planning to look into next year. (Usb and charger in centre console and one heated seat) it has a been a lovely experience. It cruises well, plenty of power on demand everything else works really well until last week. Taking a 6am drive into work a bird flew low across the road and clipped the front of the car and the audible popping sound was my headlight. I called local dealer to get a replacement part number - C2Z30862 - but his seems to be for a 2012 model. Can anyone help me identify the right part numbers?

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