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Re Map/Super Chips???


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hi all,

after a near-embarrasing situation with a Citroen yesterday i feel the time has come to get my 2009 x type 2.0d a little extra growl...i have thought about the re-map route and also super chips (same thing? No idea here) but am a bit unsure as i do a lot of motorway driving and dont want my turbo to go pop anytime soon (she's done 30k since January)...any thoughts????



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Well Thom, they are the same thing and a super chip / Re map wont harm your car but to get the best of a re map you may want to uprate your engine with after market parts. A good place to start is your air filter. Replace your standard one with a cone filter, i.e a K&N filter / induction kit will bring more cold air into the engine and increase BHP then do the re map to increase it further. Or go for a bigger turbo, there will be slighty more turbo lag but once it spools up it will dramaticly improve acceleration and increase your BHP a lot. There are many things you can try like 'Blow off valves' too to increase accelleration, depends how much you want to spend.

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I have heard very good things about these people on another Jaguar forum - http://www.bluesparkautomotive.com/carspecs?carid=1366

A lot of people have bought their products and are hugely satisfied. I'd be more than tempted if I lived in the UK where the legislation is a bit more user-friendly!

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How much money do you want to throw at it?

Start with the easy stuff.

Decat pipe, give thick end of nothing on its own but supposedly allows turbo to spool faster (made no appreciable difference to mine)

Blank EGR, may need one with the hole in it. Again no power on its own but stops the cack going into the inlet manifold

Bigger intercooler, just a few BHP here but allows you to run higher boost. fiddly to fit but ok if you're competent on the spanners.

Remap, live remap on the rollers to take advantage of the above stuff.

That concludes the cheap (ish) stuff.

That lot together may bag you about 165 - 180 BHP

Want more power?

now we enter deep pockets arena.

custom built injectors to get more fuel in there, or apparently 2.2 injectors will fit, but you have to be careful as there are several variants

Hybrid turbo, these have a bigger impellor to shift more air, again a 2.2 turbo will fit but the hybrid would be a better option.

above may be of consideration if you happen to need injectors or turbo because of failure otherwise an expensive project.

another custom remap to hang it all together

Unlikely to get more than 200 bhp, i've not heard of any.

Want more still?

read about someone with Methanol injection pushing out some serious power on a 2.2 mondeo

Suppose you could drop a 2.2 lump in there and then do all the above.

Hope thats of interest for you


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