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2013 XF Portfolio Windscreen steaming up

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Since Sept/Oct my windscreen has started to steam up on my 2013 XF Portfolio 3ltr diesel. When I try to clear it ( heating front windscreen and fan blowing) only the drivers side clears down. I have also noted that the aircon no longer works at tick over but does work after about 15mins driving. The air con system is fully charged and no known leaks. I can hear the compressor operating. Any ideas?

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the aircon sounds like low gas or the fan is not running

could be some like a blend flap not working or if its stuck on recirc

also worth checking your pollen filter, seen so many where there blocked and limiting air flow



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Hi Terry

Mine does the same. Today I tried just using the first button, next to the front window and rear window heater and turned off the window heaters when not needed. It was fine and I only had to keep the fan on 1. 


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