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Just thought I'd post this if it may ever help someone. I have a Jaguar XF R-Sport 16/17 model (the newer model). It has a single AGM battery.

The stop-start system stopped working due to the battery efficiency. Me being me, it bothered me. I know that a lot of people hate that system, but I don't. So I decided to replace the battery with a new one. And there we go - the stop-start back to normal. 

I had a concern if I would need to get the car rest via a Jaguar specialist or Jaguar themselves. The battery guys said not need for that (don't ever believe these guys who are so called experts). Anyways, drover back home and found out that everything works fine apart from the incotrol app which I use quite a lot for remote climate etc. 

Every time I open the app, it says updating but never does. Eventually says last updated and gives me the time just before replacing the battery. The next morning tried again and looks like it was last updated at around 3 in the morning. I started getting restless.

Rang a few Jaguar dealerships and all they kept saying was "we will need to book it in for diagnostics and since it is out of warranty, it will cost £180 just for diagnostics". I went, !Removed! off.

I arranged for the car to be taken to a local Jaguar specialists who wasn't even going to charge me a penny as I had got some other work a few days ago. 

Thought I would give something a try before I take the car in. Logged in to the incotroll account via a PC and removed the vehicle from the account (tried doing the same night before and the system wasn't removing the vehicle). I successfully removed it and then started the setup process again by pressing the button in the car.

For some reasons, I had to try a few times to get the button to work. Anyways, all worked and got connected to the vehicle. 

I was a bit surprised, since re-connecting the car the app for working very well. In fact a lot better than before. It became blazing fast in connecting to the vehicle and worked without failing once. I was surprised.

Since then, it is working perfectly with no other issues. I am putting this up so that if someone is in a similar position I hope this could guide them and avoid any cost.

I must also say that I couldn't find any Jaguar dealer with even half the knowledge about the app. Had to figure out all the things my self. If anyone needs any answers on the app, please feel free to comment below. By now, I have almost become an expert on it. And yes there are 2 apps on the playstore and app store. the one with Face IID is the new version but does not have the watch app associated with it. So, if you need the watch app, just download the older version of the app.

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