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Newbie saying hi

Jon T

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Hello everyone.

I thought I would join this group and give it ago.

I'm on my 4th Jaguar which is a 62 plate XF 2.2d 200ps Premium Luxury Sportbrake. Bought her about 6 months ago and I'm loving it.

My first Jag was an 07 plate X Type sport but was sadly written off when someone crashed into her while parked outside our old house. Then I bought a 52 plate S Type 2.5 SE, but it had been standing for aboutv4 years before I bought it and needed a fair bit of money spending on her. I traded her in for an 07 plate XJ6 X356 2.7d Sovereign and absolutely loved that car, but I changed my job and just couldn't find the time to give her the care she deserved and needed. I bought an Astra after her but I just missed driving a Jaguar so bought my Sportbrake and love driving her as much as I did my X356. I have a few jobs that doing on her, first of which will be the rear discs and pads. Have already bought the parts, just waiting for the weather to grant me permission to work outdoors lol


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Welcome to the club, Jon.

I like my Jaguars too, but just on my second one.  My x type was "borrowed" by three gentlemen who fortunately stayed for 8 years in an HM residence.  Unfortunately I never go the Jaguar back.

My s type I have had for 7 and a half years and I thoroughly enjoy it.




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