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Should I buy one? Are they reliable?

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Hi Sean,

An XF was always my dream car, so upon retirement, I took the leap with a 2011 XF-S Portfolio.

Upsides always outweigh the downsides! 

Upsides... Goes like a greyhound on steroids, corner like a scalextric car, rides sooooo soft too.

Downsides... Brake discs, inlet manifold. Costly fixes, but maybe peculiar to mine.

Would I but it again?... In a heartbeat!

Just do it!

Cheers, Jon

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Love mine to bits. No less reliable than anything else, just try and buy one that has been loved and serviced regularly. In my view a wad of bills that have been paid means the ones you have to to fund will be fewer. My wife got a 2015 Skoda Rapid 1.6D at the same time I got my 2013 XF Sportbrake 2.2D S (200). Servicing and repairs on hers has cost more than on the Jag over last 2.5 years. Other than service items I have had top balljoints on front suspension replaced (£400) and new rear discs and pads mostly worn by previous owner (£350) and I have done 25000 mile and discs are like new (gentle right foot). Only really important check is in the boot as water can get in and fill the wheel well - which is where a lot of the computer modules seem to sit so repair can be quite expensive. Mine had it done before I bought it at a cost of £1200. I keep a couple of silica gel bags in there now just in case but bone dry. 🙂

As with all modern luxury cars they are very demanding on electricity and if you are only doing short journeys I would invest in a Ctek battery maintainer as the cause of electrical gremlins which you will have heard are the main weakness of modern Jags are in fact usually due to a weak battery. Likewise I only use Shell V Power Diesel and do a motorway run a couple of times a month to clean the EGR and DPF.

Really nice review is here:

Just do it, you won't regret it 🙂


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