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S Type Awareness

John OSullivan

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As an S-type owner of many years, I would first suggest spend some time reading through this forum to get a feel for what to expect from your ownership experience. From what I have seen, there is a wealth of valuable information and there are many knowledgeable and experienced members ready and willing to step up and assist you.

Best of luck with your new car! 

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irrelevant of age and mileage, if it were mine I'd give a full service, change all the oils and service parts, at least you know it been done and forget about it for a while

I would on use genuine zf part for the gearbox, as using non zf oil can cause lots of problems, service kits are avail on ebay that include pan/filter, new bolts(updated type), new mecha sleeve( prone to leaking and oil zf lifeguard 6.

dont forget the diff, often overlooked, spark plugs as rears require intake manifold removing, which means only front sometimes get changed, also fuel filter and pollen filter

if you need any manuals or info, have a look here http://www.jagrepair.com/



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