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Rear stabilizer bushes


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The ride has been noisy from the back of the car, suspecting the anti-roll bar bushes I sprayed some snake oil on them. Sure enough the ride was quiet the following day. I think I'll go in from the side with a wheel off - what could go wrong? Maybe I'll post a pictorial guide.


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Changed one of them today, I did this as an exploratory repair since I was unsure how the process would pan out. Now you can see the new bush is on the roll-bar. Very few tools needed, the biggest task was to undo the 13mm a/f bolt due to grime coating the threads. Very little room in there but there is enough ceiling to allow the capture flap to be removed. Then a pry bar gets the old bush out. Easy enough but that's when it gets tricky and take heed, the workshop manual gives no guide on how to change this bush except for removing the subframe. They are right - so I cheated!





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