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Good evening to you all 

I been thinking to change my tyres from the standard 255 35 20. But I am unable to find out if I can fit a 275 35 20 with no detriment to the speedo gearbox and diff.. I'm thinking about the change as I been told that the rear tyres on my xf-s should be 275 35 20 

Can any one advise  

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I have the V6 3ltr D XF S with 20 inch rims I thinking that a wider tyre would.like so much better 

I currently have 255 35 20 on I want to know if I can put  275 35 20 on the rear and not cause any speedo problems gearbox problems or diff problems with the wider tyre 

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The profile of a tyre is a function of the width of the tread:

The aspect ratio, or profile, refers to the height of the sidewall as a % of the section width. In our example, 55 means the height is equal to 55% of the width

So the wider the tyre the higher the sidewall will be resulting in a larger diameter and hence affecting the speedo reading.


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