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Car engine sound

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Just a couple of points regarding cars and their engine sound.

1. One of my neighbours, a taxi driver with a Ford diesel, received a shock regarding his car yesterday. It failed it's emissions tests

Apparently it was only loud enough and rattly enough to wake up 75% of the street when he starts it up at 04:15 each day. As you may know,  a ford diesel taxi must wake a minimum of 90% of the street. Ford came to the rescue though and an extra bag of spanners was installed in the engine today.

2. Having just programmed a heated steering wheel in an XF-R, I took the opportunity to drive the car to Halfords (to get some screenwash) and as expected there were a LOT of kids there in the car park comparing the performance improving properties of low friction go faster stripes

On my way back to the car  from the shop it was impossible not to hear the rhetoric of one of the ring-leaders. "In a place like this, show me the car with the loudest zorst and I'll show you the car with the best performance"... quite the raconteur. To prove his point the original missing link was revving the nuts of a Vauxhall Corse and it was indeed making a very loud noise. It had five inch pipes on both sides of the rear bumper and I suspect it's back-pressure was barely sufficient to start the car moving.

However, feeling quite ashamed and crestfallen, I got in the XF and hit the starter button, the sound of the supercharged 5L V8, being a mere whisper from the exhaust. It was thus that we slunk away, clearly totally outclassed by the missing link and his hyper powerful Corsa

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