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Charging the auxiliary battery

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I lost the keys to my new IPace whilst away on holiday. The spare wouldn't work as apparently the dashboard goes flat if left for two weeks without a trickle charger attached. Who knew? Result was 28 days off the road and a £ 1.4k bill. Am I right to be angry?  

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Welcome to the club, Mike  —  Not always like that.

I do quite understand what had happened and I would be quite annoyed myself/

I have always left my old S type with my son on our holidays but we have not had any since the covid rules, but now I will use a trickle charger.



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Welcome to the Forum/Club and life with a Jaguar. They have very bad habits at times with electrical discharge. My S-Type if not cherished well can be a real challenge.

You need to get yourself a CTEK MXS 7 or MXS 10. They really are good equipment and the answer to Battery discharge. I keep my car on my CTEK at least once per week and for 24 hrs as best I can. I do not get discharge problems these days.                      "Fingers Crossed"

Best Wishes and Regards, John

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